Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Excellent New Band Sleeperstar FREE MP3 and video download!

Ever heard of Green River Ordinance?
Welllll.........they're a great new band that I had the pleasure of hearing while at the House of Blues in Orlando. They were part of a surprise three band gig for one price show...WOW! It was phantastic!
I saw Collective Soul (main reason we went)
Gavin DeGraw
Green River Ordinance
(actually in opposite order...GRO was first, followed by Gavin and then CS)
Fabulous show!
annyyywayyy..... someone tweeted me about Sleeperstar and said that if I liked GRO, I'd like Sleeperstar for sure...
So without further ado..........
here's the download!
Lowres Video Pack

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