Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aromatherapy for the Spirit and Essential Oils for Depression

Check out this hubpage about which essential oils to use for healing depression and issues of the emotional and spiritual nature,
Aromatherapy for the Spirit and Essential Oils for Depression

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Build a Freebie Site | eHow.com

If you've ever wanted to learn how to build a website, and more specifically, a freebie website, this article is for you...

it's also my Newest article for Demand Studio:
How to Build a Freebie Site | eHow.com

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Could this be the answer to What are YOU Hungry For?

What are you hungry for? Hint: It's not food. In fact, it's everything but food. This provocative new book reveals the self-defeating truth about dieting, while lighting the path to a full and healthy life.
Says Oprah, "This book is an opportunity to finally end the war with weight and unlock the door to freedom."

Here's a snippet:
In an excerpt from Women, Food, and God, Geneen Roth shares seven guidelines to eating more consciously.

* Eat when you are hungry.

* Eat sitting down in a calm environment. This does not include the car.

* Eat without distractions. Distractions include radio, television, newspapers, books, intense or anxiety-producing conversations or music.

* Eat what your body wants.

* Eat until you are satisfied.

* Eat (with the intention of being) in full view of others.

* Eat with enjoyment, gusto and pleasure.

How to Make Your Own Steampunk Fashion Accessory - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

If you like steampunk fashions read this!

How to Make Your Own Steampunk Fashion Accessory - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FYI for Ehow Writers (now Demand Studio)

For those of us who have written for ehow in the past know that their format has changed and their parent company Demand Studio is now running the show, here's a little tidbit I found on their revenue sharing for NEW articles written for them and explains how your articles earn money
This is directly from Demand Studio terms of use; 
The Revenue Share Program allows you to earn money for your articles contributed to and accepted by Demand Studios. In general, the factors that may affect how much money you may earn for your articles include, directly or indirectly, the following:
  • Popularity of the article;
  • Number and quality of inbound links to the article;
  • Topicality and newsworthiness of the article content;
  • Usefulness and applicability of the article content;
  • User response to your articles, such as positive reviews and comments;
  • Degree of specialization of the article content; and
  • Quality of the writing.

It also goes on to explain that Demand Studio owns all rights to your published work. Which basically means, if they want to they can use your work in whatever capacity they wish to make money for themselves, taking you, the writer, out of the equation.

I'm not sure how I feel about his whole thing. I do know one thing, I won't be writing alot for them.

    Read the rest of it here

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