Monday, December 1, 2008

More Inexpensive Crafty Christmas Projects

Don't you just love special know, the personalized ones that someone really took time to make?
I do, and I adore finding new and different ideas.
Here's more that I found surfing the net......

Everyone loves personalized gifts, and what's better than photos for memories???

Create a family (Christmas) tree this year by customizing ornaments with old and new family photos. This simple craft will help you preserve pictures of relatives by framing each image in glass and stamping the date or year on the ribbon.

1. Photocopy a photo onto Lazertran, an image-transfer material that works like a decal.

2. Soak the paper in water and adhere the decal to a precut glass shape.

or another way to do this.

is to just buy tiny picture frames from the dollar store and add your photos, then hot glue the ribbon on the back of the frame.

3. Stamp the year the photo was taken onto the ribbon.

4. Thread the ribbon through the hole in the glass and wrap the ends together with wire.

5. Hang a snowflake wire shape from the ribbon with a safety pin.

From A Season of Giving by Making Memories.Supplies available at

Keepsake Memory Box

Gifts should come from the heart, and this thoughtful item is the perfect present for family members. Ensure that Grandma's recipes aren't lost to time by creating a recipe box with the family's favorite meals. Include pictures and memories of past holidays to make this not only a recipe box but a family keepsake as well.


    1. Spray a wooden box with several coats of white semigloss paint. Lightly sand the box between each coat to keep the surface smooth.

    2. When the final coat is dry, sand all the edges and corners to give the box a slightly worn look.

    3. Give the box a patina and luster finish by rubbing it with paste wax. Apply a thick coat of paste wax with a smooth cloth, rubbing in a circular motion. After the paste has dried enough to look clouded, buff the waxed surface with a smooth, clean cloth. Repeat the process until you have three or four coats of wax. (Paste wax is available at home improvement stores.)

    4. To decorate the box, adhere a photo to the top, then cover it with a thin piece of glass. The easiest way to adhere the glass is with four tiny adhesive dots.

    5. Hang a tag from the decorative snap attached to the front of the box.

    6. Make copies of food-related family photos, and cut them to recipe-card size to make the category dividers. For a few of the dividers, we scanned memory-evoking items such as a plate from her mom's china and the design from a favorite linen tablecloth. Back the photos with card stock printed with journaling, and sandwich the plastic tab labels between the two layers. Secure with a snap.

    7. All the card stock we used was stained with walnut ink. And the recipes follow a similar format and were printed on the computer to save time.

    From A Season of Giving by Making Memories.Supplies available at

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