Friday, June 11, 2010

Creating and Adding a Custom Background Image to Your " Blogger " Blog

Ok, so all day I've been playing around with customizing my new blog;
Angels & Aromatherapy.
here's the link; 

...and having problems all day with the size of the background photo. It just wasn't fitting on the page was waaay too small and I couldn't keep the original size no matter how I uploaded it. ...
Everytime I'd upload the pic from my computer (I made the background picture with photoshop at 1,600px × 1,097px). and each time I uploaded the pic to photobucket to get a link to add to the template
the photo didn't retain its proper size and ended up smaller on the blog...well, 
I finally figured it out. 

First I went to another blog I made (this one! chroniclestruthandmusings) and posted the picture here. as you can see below:
after posting then I right clicked on the pic and opened it  in new tab to get the web address and used the little zoom spyglass that comes up to make it original size,,,
this is the address of my background pic now:

then, I went back to angelsandaromatherapy blog to the "page elements", added a new box of html:
 I pasted the below html into the newly added box of html and walla!

here's the newest version of the background image with St. Germain in the background:)


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