Monday, July 27, 2015

fun with gadgets; feed the fish and tree frog gadgets

How are you this fine day?
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I love sharing cool or fun things found around the net, and today here's one I thing you'll love.

If you haven't seen it already, check out the cute little "feed the fish" gadget to your right ---->
Fun huh?
You can use it on any webpage or blog.

By moving your mouse around, it prompts the hungry little fishes to follow your every move.
Each click of your mouse will drop "food" for them to gobble up.
The best part is you can edit this gadget to suit you likes, i.e.:

  • change how many fish you want in your tank, 
  • change the color of the fishes
  • change the background picture

 This amazing little gadget originated at:
Thanks abownam! Love it!

If you want to use the same picture I have as my background click here (it takes you this pic on my photobucket page)

Enjoy feeding your fish!

And if you love frogs, or rather TREE frogs, lol, then check out this other amazing little gadget by the same guy called "Tree Frog Gadget"

Here's the background photo I used for my tree frog gadget:

enjoy and have a gorgeous day!

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