Friday, July 20, 2007

Did I happen to mention....

I'm also a telecommunications auditor and a waitress......
I know, quite the jack of all trades girl...
what's a telecommunications auditor you ask?

do you really want to know?

well,,,,,,I think for all intents & purposes
the easiest way to explain it is that we
create data bases for our clients' telecommunications
services (extremely large intensive excel spreadsheets),
search for incorrect charges, etc, and
go back to the phone companies to collect
credits due to our clients, advise on savings and
basically make the phone companies responsible for
their mistakes. The problem is.......
well, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
is so wrapped up and worried more about Janet
Jackson's boob popping out at a football game, than
dealing with these massive corporations who are
ripping everyone off every single day, and are
getting away with it......
Don't even get me started.......
we'll save that for another post :)

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