Friday, July 20, 2007

A moment of clarity

“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining who we are.”

~George Bernard Shaw

A Moment of Clarity…

Today is a new day. We have been deaf and blind to the world with only short visions of purity and profound truth.

A change is inevitable, and much needed if we are to become the society we want to be.

It is about Perspective-

How we perceive this world’s sights, sounds, smells and our true feelings encountered in our life experience. We may see the same thing and comprehend it in a completely different way…our judgment will be what we see. It is still life. It does not change what it is, just how we acknowledge that which is.

Darkness and Light-

Polarity and balance help create the harmony of being. There must be balance and truth as well as chaos and deceit. There cannot be one without the other. How could we be of light if there were no darkness to come out of? How could there be a physical body without a spirit to guide the form? Would there be an inside without an outside? These questions are infinite…whatever goes out, must return. Surrounding us is an intricate weave of perfect symmetry wound into and throughout every slightest creation. We must embrace all aspects of the spectrum.

Inner Knowledge-

We all have a “knowing”, a sign deep within us that knows what is right….Intuition is our first step, and faith that it will become what it is meant to be rightly follows. This is one of our first and finest resources to use at will (and sometimes without consciousness). Refining that inspiration within ourselves will be an indispensable gift to continue a path of growing/becoming what we are…what we are meant to be.

We need to open our hearts! Open our eyes and ears! Feel what is around us! See with new eyes, hear with new ears, and feel the life-force in every living thing! We are given so many wondrous gifts….and life being the most precious. Life in all things must be respected, loved and nurtured.

We must use these gifts wisely, if we are to find our true-selves, and become who we really are. We must speak our truth, and act on that truth….become that truth.

And remember, sometimes a minute of silence is worth more than 10,000 words…….

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