Thursday, October 28, 2010

Organic Vegan Sunshine Burgers for Earth Lovers

I love when someone comes up with something really fantastic. Earth lovers can all celebrate that Sunshine Burgers are here and it tastes sooooo good.

"Vegetarians require only about one acre of land for every 10 that meat-eaters need to obtain the same quantity of protein in their diets."
Read how "Sunshine Burgers" started and a little about them:

The Sprouting of a Vegan Business: The Story of Sunshine Burgers-Carol Debberman's story- by ecohearth
Sunshine and Sunflower photo by James Rickwood
Carol Debberman and her partner, John Hiler, co-own Sunshine Burgers, a company that brings sunflower-based burgers to tables across America.
Sunshine Burgers come in six flavors. Beyond the Original veggie burger are three variations—Garden Herb, Barbecue and Southwest. And they’ve just introduced two new products—Falafel and Breakfast patties. “They all taste totally different,” observes Debberman.
The one thing they have in common is that they contain only simple, natural, wholesome ingredients. The Original-style burgers, for example, are made from just brown rice, raw sunflower seeds, carrots, herbs and sea salt.
Sunshine Burgers don’t use soy or wheat in their products, an advantage for consumers with allergies. All of the ingredients are listed on the burger boxes and all of them, notes Hiler, are ingredients you can pronounce.
“This is really simple food. It’s not high in fat; it has vegetable fat, something your body needs,” says Debberman. “It’s really easy to digest and it has a lot of nutrients.”. Read the rest of the story here by Carol Rich.

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